TMJ (TMD) Therapy

Do you hear a popping or grating sound when you open your mouth?  Are you suffering from pain when trying to open your mouth or move it from side to side? If so, you may have Tempromandibular Joint pain or Tempromandibular Dysfunction.

Other common symptoms may include:


  • Neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Ear symptoms, including hearing loss, ringing, or pain
  • Clenching/grinding your teeth during sleep
  • A chronic feeling of tiredness
  • Ongoing headaches at your temples or  above your eyes


The symptoms described above may be symptoms of TMJ, but they may also be due to another condition. That’s why it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis, so you can treat the problem accordingly. North End Dental Centrewill be happy to perform a comprehensive examination and recommend a treatment plan based on your specific symptoms and concerns. Should we determine the need to get other treatment partners involved—like chiropractors, cranio/mandibular specialists, physiotherapists or massage therapists—we can recommend potential treatment partners and can work together to relieve your symptoms.

We also create custom made night guards. Teeth grinding and cleanching, also known as Bruxism, is pretty common and can be painful and destructive to teeth. To help prevent this our office can fit you with a night guard appliance. When you clench your jaw, it helps lighten the tension and give cushion tot the muscles in the jaw. This helps prevent face and jaw pain, and also protects your teeth.


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